Person that had really good definitons, such as shotgun or Washington Times
wow, HMB has really good definitions like shotgun.. where the hell did they go?
by whitetiger16 May 16, 2004
High Maintenance Bitch

a needy, clingly (stage 5) friend that needs you to be their parent and wipe their ass for them daily.
jeez... i didnt know your best friend was such an HMB.
by alsjdhalfhewof February 19, 2011
Hood Midget Bitches. or sometimes Hooker Midget Bitches. :]
yeaa. we're in a gang, HMB baby!
by a.royster June 18, 2008
A popular fraternity at RIT. HMB stands for Hamartia Masta Beta.
"Yo, I'm gonna try to rush HMB, you in?"
by Cake Hamartia January 16, 2003
holla me back ...................................
holla me back, sometime ...
by Some Dude April 06, 2005
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