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slang abbreviation for "hit me back." usually used in texting and ims.
yo, kid. hmb. peace...
by kelsey April 06, 2005
Abbreviation for "high maintenance bitch."
I dated this girl for 6 weeks and out of nowhere she asked me to buy her a $700 gold necklace. I dumped the HMB right there and then.
by Johnny Z. Styles June 09, 2010
Had good defintions, then he/she disappeared.
Their definition for shotgun was good
by RatchetBoo October 09, 2003
Some funny-as-hell definitions. See shotgun or christian
If you cannot find a plumber, HMB recommends me.
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
frikin awesome definition guy that either reads the dictionary or fucks so many smart chicks that the smartness from them goes to him and therefore becomes smart
a collaquianism of a president WTF HAHAHAH
by asdf October 05, 2004
An acronym for Hug My Balls. Never used as an actual invitation or a literal action; however offered as a insult.
Man that guy in sales, yeah that guy, that dude thought he could get away with throwin' me under the bus...really, he can just HMB.
by Baldpimp January 13, 2011
Ellie: Hey, you see the guy with the pretty eyes over there?

Britt: Yeah! What an HMB!

Ellie: IKR!!!
by rawrluvmepls August 13, 2010
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