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Means Hard Kent or Hard Kunt
"Jack is a HK"
#hard #cool #kent #cunt #kunt
by the small guy December 01, 2009
noun; Hostile Kids , popular on
Players from Hk went to the IronMen
by Not Cakeslob January 19, 2005
Short for Hard Kunt. Often used in Australia and made popular by ImMrTeddy via his Youtube video: How to be a HK (Hard Kunt).

They are menace to society.
They are most often seen at Mirrabooka, Armadale, Northbridge and all those other dodgy suburbs.
I went down to Mirrabooka today, so many HK's.

Did you see what Adam is wearing? What a HK!
#hc #hard cunt #teddy #fuck #hard #tough
by LivvyGrl November 23, 2011
1. (noun)Short for Hong Kong
2.(adj.) A word paired with "hella" to describe something/someone who is/personifies/carries the attributes of a hip cool Asian.
This includes spikey hair (colors optional), slightly baggy jeans, anything hello kitty, jackets shirts and shoes that tend to be green, purple, orange or grey.
*see azn
1. Look guys! We're in HK!
2. OMG! That guy Jaco is HELLA HK!
#azn #hong kong #f.o.b. #asian #china
by Daisydaisybobaisy December 26, 2006
Heckler and Koch, a very renowned manufacturer of firearms, such as the MP5 and G36
I own an HK USP, it's the best handgun ever.
by Nu August 05, 2003
Also known as "Hunter Killer." This term refers to females who atively pursue males of their liking. This women are usually mongrels and will stop at nothing to catch their prey. Once they have your scent, expect to be ambushed at any second. Always be prepared and vigilant, for they will charge upon sight.
"Hey, man, that Chi O is a major HK. You better watch your ass."
#hunter killer #hunter/killer #h/k #old bull #aggressor
by Paul and Walter March 06, 2008
Acronym for "Haram Khor".
Origin: Hindi, Urdu.
Haram Khor means a person who earns his kicks by doing what he is not supposed to be doing.
For example, if an employee does nothing at office, he is a "Haram Khor".
Bee: "Look at Nomi, He is watching streaming video instead of doing work!".
Assadi: "Yeah, He is such a HK."
#haram khor #h.k #haramkhor #idle #white elephant
by Burhaan May 29, 2008
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