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An extremely deadly airborne disease that causes instant death to anyone whose IQ is less than 211.

It was first reported by a man who witnessed a pedobear with HIV rape a pig with a cold. the doctors first diagnosed him with HIV-swine-flu-syphilis, but decided to throw an "itis" on the end of it, to make it sound more terrifying.

Symptoms include vomiting, DEATH, sneezing, spontaneous erotic thoughts or images floating through one's mind, suicide, tourettes, and the sudden, irrational fear of being raped by a pedobear.

HIV-swine-flu-syphilitis can also be spread by Urban Dictionary.com. Thus, if you have read this, you may have HIV-swine-flu-syphilitis!

There is no known cure for HIV-swine-flu-syphilitis...and there will never be one!
HAHAHA, you have read this entry, thus you have HIV-swine-flu-syphilitis!
by G-@non November 10, 2009

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