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Handicap I'd Like to Fuck
"Check out the HILF in the wheelchair. She'd Hot!"
by Turd Furgeson February 11, 2005
397 275
Hindu I'd Like to Fuck
M.I.A. is one big HILF
by Dot Goddard February 23, 2009
133 50
HILF Hair I'd Like To Fuck
Hey I just saw this customer the other day, and oh man she was a major hilf.
Hilf? What is that? Hair I'd Like to Fuck.
Her hair was so long, and it looked so silky. so that is why I called her a hilf
by hairy carey November 30, 2012
4 11
"Hobbit I'd Like To Fuck" see milf
Man, Frodo's mom is one hot H.I.L.F.
by SamR December 17, 2003
21 36
Hologram I'd Like to Fuck
Cortana the A.I. from The Halo Franchise is a HILF
by 115 your face April 06, 2011
15 39
horse or pony i'd like to foook!
George Washington's horse is a hilf!

Seabiscuit is such a hilf, straight upp!

F cows! We love them hilfs! nayy!
by Gerthen Marposss March 14, 2008
26 51
Hound I'd Like to Fuck.

Because of all those sexy doggies out there!
Person 1: 'Phwooaar! Check out that german shepherd over there!'
Person 2: (in agreement) HILF.
by theTEEBz August 07, 2010
12 38