Hardout Indians Dominating
OMG! Look at the pack of HID!
#hid #hardout indians dominating #hardout #indians #dominating
by Sanjeev Guntar January 04, 2009
Top Definition
Human Interface Device or Human Interface Devices
Detecting Current HID's Plugged Into Your Computer.
#human #interface #device #computer #intalling
by Carter90 September 09, 2008
An abbreviation for "hideous"
Boy: You wanna make out
Girl: Hellz no, you're mad hid.
by Tigamasta February 16, 2005
A term used to describe a person or thing that is very offensive-looking.

Slang/short for "hideous".
"Dang, that shirt is hids"

"That guy she was dating was super hids!"
by A.H. December 14, 2003
High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps provide a brighter, bluish-white appearance. HID headlamps use electrical energy to excite a metal halide. A quartz glass capsule filled with xenon gas receives a momentary high-voltage charge from an igniter, causing an arc between the two electrodes to light, then stabilize. The high output and small size of HID lamps allow them to be easily turned in active headlight systems to illuminate around corners
"The H.I.D.s in the new acura are so bright and blue."
#hid #h.i.d. #high intensity discharge #xenon #headlight
by Cody B. January 24, 2007
1) Hot Import Daze
2) High Intensity Discharge
1) omfgot are you going to teh HID in daygo hella lot importslutmodels!1!!!!1

2) omfgot he got teh hid on his rsx
by J2TEH OOLIA January 05, 2005
Hottest In Dade
Damnnnnnn, those chicks over there are H.I.D
#hot #chicks #miami-dade #damnn #hid
by JDM Hoe December 04, 2010
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