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Homophobic Conservative Christian

Those brainwashed idiots who don't like LGBT because they claim their book of trash they call the bible says "marriage is between a man and a woman, not 2 men or 2 women."
HCC: "The bible says marriage is between a man and woman, not 2 men or 2 women. God hates fags!"
Non-dumbass: "Stop being a HCC and keep your book of trash to yourself!"
by ERFA September 28, 2012
23 9
Horse Cock Club (acronym) - A club whose only requirement for joining is having an abnormally massive cock.
A: Hey man, do you think I could join the HCC?
B: Not with that Jackie Chan dick.
by timbro92 January 24, 2013
19 1
Hot Christian Chick.
"So why are you interested in this girl?"
"Look at her, she's an HCC."
by TheBestHCC October 27, 2009
10 9
High Caliber Cleavage
Does not necessairly make a girl hot but it sure helps, qnd anyways thats what paper bags are for right?
Guy 1: Dang that girls got some HCC, I wouldnt mind seein' her next to me tommorrow morning.
Guy 2: You wish, shes already rocked my bed three time this week.
by xcswag July 11, 2011
2 4
Heinous Cunts Club. Only a select few are in it. You have to get defriended by a certain person to be in it, because she only defriends heinous cunts.
Sara defriended me! I'm in the hcc!
by chris hansen xoxo September 23, 2008
3 9
The best school ever, hillsborough community college located in tampa, fl. where dreams are reached.
Where u going to college honkey?
hcc nugga!
by ronald johnathen June 19, 2004
22 31