An acronym for "head bitch in charge". Or if you wanna play nice it's "head beauty in charge".
I'm the H.B.I.C. in this area muthafucka!! You best do what I say *snapsnap* >:O
by head bitch in chaaarge September 02, 2008
Top Definition
It's an acronym which stands for:

I am the HBIC up in here, bow down bitches
by AtlantaHoopla April 19, 2004
An acronym that stands for Head Bitch in Charge, made popular by Miss New York AKA Tiffany Pollard of Flavor of Love and I love New York.
New York: I am the HBIC up in here, bow down bitches
by Jersey Kid January 28, 2008
Head Bitch In Charge... The female counterpart to the H.N.I.C or the H.M.F.I.C. The "Alpha female"... A lady boss...
I'm the H.B.I.C. of this patch of blue...
by Shedevil925 January 14, 2006
miss.New York from i love New York thought she was the HBIC, but she couldnt be the head of anything unless she got her weave fixed.
by L3AH January 07, 2008
Acronym; stands for Head Bitch In Charge. Cannot be spelled without HBC.
Helena Bonham Carter is the HBIC.
by hbcfan February 08, 2011
Head Bitch In Charge
Nevin B is the HBIC
by HBIC11 November 19, 2008
Head Bitch In Charge
"I'm the H.B.I.C. around here!"
by xXMehhh13Xx March 26, 2007
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