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Have A Musical Summer
Mainly used by "cool" music teachers
Can Also be used by the occational musicly addicted young person
And even is used by all those poser kids who think it "cool" to be musicly addictid.
Kelley: hey homie (calling Jamie and waving)
You signed my yearbook HAMS??
Jamie(musicly addicted):Yeah HAve A musical summer!
3 25
going balistic on someone:flippin out:fuckin someone up
That nig went HAM on that bitch!!!
by Z.S. April 04, 2008
3366 1673
Acronym for Hard As a Motherfu@#r
That dude be straight goin' HAM on dem fools.

Holla, I'm about to go get HAM on these boys.
by LW2 February 11, 2010
3305 1651
When a person is unstoppable or just in the zone in any type sport or competition setting; It can also be defined as going crazy and buying up everything in a store; or even doing something beast like
I went ham on Tyrone out on the court yesterday; I went ham in the Gucci store earlier today; Damn you went ham on them wings
by Nick "The Coach" Charles April 09, 2008
1849 1195
hard as a motherfucker

We went ham last night at the club.
by klilbit March 05, 2010
1454 821
Hard As a MothaFucker.
Made famous by the new single by KanYe and Jay-Z.
Bro I am going straight H.A.M

What the fuck does that mean.

Hard As a MothaFucker!!!!
by MaLDo12 January 11, 2011
1182 747
Cured pig meat.
by Yummy October 08, 2003
1937 1525
Hard as a motherfucker
I'm about to go H.A.M. Hard as a motherfucker
by cdogggggggg January 11, 2011
537 140