Haul Ass Mother Fucker

A word used to indicate that rapid travel is required.
Dude! You just pissed on a police car. Let's HAMF!

You: We're gonna be late if you don't hurry up.
Me: I'm ready, let's HAMF!
by AJ01 November 11, 2007
Top Definition
Hard Ass Mother fucker. More bad ass then going HAM
"Bro you just went ham on there ass". "No bro, I just went HAMF!"
by Scraps4 March 21, 2012
High Ass Mother Fucker
person A : " duuuuuude"
person b: "whaaaat man?"
person A: " i am one HAMF"
person B: "what the fuck is that?"
by KAJERSTEN December 09, 2008
Acronym for Hard Ass Mother Fucker. Similar to BAMF (Badass Mother Fucker), LAMF (Lame Ass Mother Fucker), or KAMF (Krunk Ass Mother Fucker).

A Hard Ass Mother Fucker is someone who is either a Mother Fucker who's a Hard Ass on people, or a Fucker who fucks Mothers with Hard Asses.
Cleavon Johnson: Sup nigga, these dudes is pissing me off and shit.

Larry Johnson: Yeah me to nug, I'm 'bout to go HAMF on these bitches.
by The Real Hot Coffee July 26, 2011
acronym for High Altitude Mega Fart. They can occur when living in or visiting high elevations. Known to happen during ski trips and hiking trips in the mountains and also on-board airplanes. Believed to be caused by the large difference in pressure between your insides and the low pressure of high altitudes thus causing a larger and more violent expulsion of gas through the anus than would occur at sea levels.
I need to get back home to sea level 'cause these HAMFs in Colorado are tearing a hole in my underwear.
by brentm July 29, 2009
Hungery Ass Mother Fucker
Man..that H.A.M.F is really juicy.
by Melissa DeArman November 06, 2007
Hungry Ass Mother Fucker (akin to BAMF for badass motherfucker)
Al: Give me some gum right now!
Brian: Ok ok, don't be such a HAMF!
by TheMan2008 December 09, 2006
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