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HAGL is an acronym for Have A Good Life. HAGL is similar to the HAGS, but it's a lot more harsh. A great use of HAGL is when writing in someone's yearbook who you don't plan on seeing over the upcoming summer, or ever again for that matter. It can be harsh at times, but it gets right to the point.
Nick: Hey man I'm really glad school is over, we should definitely hang out this summer!

Ben: Yeah maybe not... HAGL.
#hags #hal #hag #have #a #good #life
by simonsezz58 June 07, 2010
kinda like lol, except it stands for having a good laugh instead of laugh out loud. not yet overly used but goin da same way. lol.
dude one: guess wot
dude 2: wot
dude 1: "tells joke'
dude 2: hagl
#lol #rofl #lmao #larf #laff
by omg_well_blonde October 23, 2006
an acronym. Stands for Having A Good Laugh.
used similarly such other acronyms like 'lol', 'lmao', 'rofl' etc.
IM person #1: he fell into a bush. he was incredibly drunk!
IM person #2: hagl, i wish i could have seen that!
#lol #lmao #rofl #shorthand #laugh
by Freedd September 26, 2006
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