Horny as fuck.
Used in text.
I'm HAF. i could do with you sitting on my face
by Anddi April 06, 2007
Top Definition
High As Fuck.

After you take that last hit and you sittin there like man... i am high is fuck right now.
The other day me and John were smokin up and that man got HAF
by Ganjaman1821525 September 30, 2010
haf; h.a.f.
hot as fuck
Oh snap, you lookin HAF right now.
by amorr September 07, 2010
So you want the low-down on H.A.F? Well. they're basically just a bunch of kids who waddle around Cumberland, causing shenanigans. H.A.F stands for HIGH AS FUCK. All they do in their spare time is smoke weed, or find out a way to get money to buy some more. They're a bunch of loser wannabees.
Hey you there! YEA you! the one with his pants pulled down to his knees! That sign says no walking on the grass, ohhh you hooligans! ooo that must be H.a.F!

hey we need to buy some more bud. You got bud? we need bud! Hey you got money for bud? I wish I had some bud.

by H.a.f is gay. November 03, 2009
Abbreviation for "High as fuck." Similair and converse to "Daf," meaning "Drunk as fuck."
Person 1: "Man, I think I had a great time last night; not sure though, since i was so Daf."

Person 2: "Huh? Sorryy....I'm haf right now!"
by dunbarmedallion January 18, 2012
Hard as fuck
I may be a cheese eating surrender monkey but people that finished the Tough Mudder are HAF!!!
by Mingdu Mudder September 27, 2013
H- High

you place it after a sentence if when you typed it you were high as fuck.(haf)<-Like that
Holy Shit I love my grandma she bought me Reese peanut butter cups!(haf)
by Bad-Fish June 29, 2011
hard as fuck
ugh you know robby too? He always makes me laugh HAF!
by Dat_flo_rida_bish May 18, 2015

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