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The word "Høge" is made by Larsen, also known as Lab.

- The word "Høge" is a Norwegian word, made within 2000 - 2010.
- The definition of the word "Høge" is:
"Lets say you like Ice cream right?, so you just took a bite of the most delicious ice cream ever tasted. if the "ice cream" tasted nice, you will say "Høge". so when something, someone somehow feels good/nice you will say: "Høge, this ice cream tasted so good".
by lab51 June 02, 2010
A band member who uses humor to manipulate women more attractive than they are into sexual favors that usually go unreturned.
"Dude I totally pulled a hoge and got that hot 19 year old to blow me twice and still got to go out to the party!"
by Spaggy October 17, 2007
The skin that hangs out of a blow out asshole
I fucked that girl so hard in her ass it made her Hoge hang out
by KittyKat1986 May 14, 2009
He who greets with fire. A warrior of great power, almost god like to mere mortals.
Thom is hoge-like in everyway. ;)
by thoge July 08, 2009
The skin that hangs out of a butt
Did you see the amount of Hoge hanging out of that girl?!
by KittyKat1986 May 14, 2009
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