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Someone who is just a horny dude. An "H Dude" is someone who is always dtf and have a good time.

You can replace that person's name with the term H-Dude. Forexample, if his name is mitch, you could say.

"Mitch, stop being such an H dude."

"H dude, stop being so H all the time"
"Stop being such an H dude."

"Mitch....NO. Stop it H."

When someone is getting loot a group of guys may cheer, the letter H really loud.
by The H Dude February 01, 2011
A common form of smack addict. Usually found in urban areas. The 'H' indicating the addict uses the drug 'Heroin'.

Specifications include:

Withdrawn facial features.
Muttering/Mumbling as you pass.
Red sores over face and hands.
Somehow moves quickly. (strange but true!)
A Dog.
Usually homeless.
"Oh shit look out, here comes that H-Dude, he is such a messed-up fucktard."
by Mx2 August 31, 2007

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