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The best cheerleading team in Australia. Very possibly the world.

A particularly amazing cheerleader who is a member of this spectacular squad is Bekah. She is so amazing and a super cool person.

A few other people who aren't as sexy but still quite likeable are Kate, Logan, Grace, Victoria, Lisa and heaps of other people who are snazzy.
Ingy- "Have you seen that awesome squad?"
Dave- "The one with that hottie babe named Bekah who loves Grey's Anatomy an innapropriate amount?
Ingy- "Yeah, that one."
Dave- "Good old Gymstars."
by whatacatchireckon September 22, 2009
a usually male person that spends most of the waking hours pumping iron and socializing at the gym.
Brad is a real gymstar-he's here more than the manager. I think he just likes showing off those sweaty, ripped muscles to everyone constantly.
by busterboner October 20, 2009