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A person who's life revolves around being in the gym and letting everyone know there in the gym. This person likes to perform sex acts with the weights and make sure everyone on there social networking site knows about it by doing nothing but talk about it as well as upload pictures of it. Probably found wearing a piece of cotton as a vest as well as to clean there selves up after the sex act, and maybe even uses there decathlon pumps as protection.
Guy 1 - "Hey did you see that photo Ron uploaded of him making out with a 70K hand weight last night"

Guy 2 - "Yeah hes such a gym wanker
by NoWan69 January 30, 2012
Defined by the overly aggressive wrist action exhibited whilst mixing a protein drink after a gym session, the Gym Wanker is demonstrating to as larger audience as possible how hard the workout was and how strong the burn
Chris is a proper Gym Wanker, standing in the office after a lunch session getting his shake on...
by Buckers June 11, 2014
a) A person who makes loud sounds in the gym it is almost animalistically homosexual

b) A person who goes to the gym often and believes he is socially superior to others when he is pompous
Mr Gibbons is such a gym wanker
by Fuh-Keface69 June 09, 2011

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