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A Gymbag surprise is when your mother sends you a care package filled with extra clothes, deodorant, and other supplies. Upon receiving the package, you realize that she sent the items to you in one of her bags. You think nothing of it until, you have emptied all of YOUR belongings out, but the bag is still heavy.... You open up the side pouch to find your mom left her dildo and lube in the bag and sent it to you!!!!!
Tom can never look at his mother the same after she hit him with a gym bag surprise!

Sam doesn't know how he can ever thank his mom for the gym bag surprise.
by Iceoplex42 September 29, 2009
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When your Mom accidentally leaves her GIANT VIBRATOR in your gym bag when she sends clothes over to your new place.
Sam & Tom got a gym bag surprise the other day when they walked in on Mike felching Tucker.
by DaElite September 29, 2009
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