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1. A man that looks like a lesbian - could be straight or gay. Look at Barry Manilow, Elton John, Justin Bieber...

2. The top or the masculine guy in a gay couple. Although this is rare as, in the gay male couples, both act the same (feminine or masculine). But in some occasions there is that manly, muscular, "butch" gay guy (gyke) with a femme man (could be skinny or fat).
Man, my home-ec teacher is such a gyke.
by avialae March 11, 2013
A guy that looks like a dyke.
I couldn't tell if that person was a dyke or just a gyke.
by kimba h. July 13, 2006
A guy version of a dyke.
"I was in San Fransisco this weekend and i could not believe how many gykes i saw."
I saw some gay couple and it was easy to spot the gyke of the relationship.
by StevenWB October 08, 2009
A guy who loves women.
Tiger Woods is damn sure a gyke. He walks like a man, dresses like one and loves pussy.
by GIAH May 16, 2010
A cross between a lesbian and a gay person.
Suzie is a gyke!
by Gaughlin August 26, 2003
A female golfer who is addicted to lesbian sex.
If Rosie golfed, she'd be a Gyke.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003

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