Born on October 3,1969 in Anaheim, Ca. Gwen Stefani is the lead singer of the very successful band "No Doubt". Besides having several successful albums with the band, she also has a solo career, which some unfaithful No Doubt fans (and others) dont appreciate. Her solo projects are looked down upon by ungreatful fans that dont have an open mind to different kinds of music. On the other hand, her loyal fans appreciate her musical exploration. She also has her own clothing line L.A.M.B. and she came out with a fashion doll set, which displays her clothes that she wore on her LAMB tour (along with 4 Harajuku girl dolls). Her second solo album The Sweet Excape is comming out in December 06, followed by the long awaited return of No Doubt sometime in Spring of 08'.
Examples of Gwen Stefani songs: What you waiting for?, Rich Girl, Holla Back Girl, Cool, Harajuku Girls, Bubble Pop Electric, Crash, Wind it up, Orange County Girl...
by Megan Bermudez November 19, 2006
lead singer of no doubt..(see NODOUBT) who is very talented and write her own songs and is married to GAVIN! how cuuuute.
"did u see last nite show with GWEN STEFANI on it???"
"because it onlie fucken rocked dickface!"
by teehaw October 18, 2003
An super-hot female who was best known for her being in No Doubt. She then went solo and continues to be awesome.
Gwen Stefani is awesome, eh?
by Blar-Blar January 15, 2006
the women everyone means when they say "i want a piece of her ass"
gwen:im just a girl all pretty and petite
drooling audience: too bloody rite you are!
by girl-afraid December 01, 2003
a beautiful, talented singer who is the frontwoman of the band no doubt.
'wow, gwen stefani is so hot'
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
No Doubt lead singer who recently did a solo album, which proved her talent and creativity. A very simple person, with a lot of beauty and style. Multi-phacetical, songwriter, actress and designer. A woman to admire.
Gwen Stefani rules music and fashion.
by Soldemoret September 26, 2005
Gwen stefani was in the coolest band no doubt and still is they come back into the studios in 2006 4 a new album yey, u hav 2 admit though her solo stuff isn't as gd as nodoubt duh. bt she is 1 of the most prettest women in pop and rock, and she is the follow up of madonna. stefani is also married 2 um gavin rossdale awwwwwww, they gt married in 2003 and r plannin in havin a baby awwwwww. gavin's band r gd there r called institue.
Gwen was 37! last month october 05
Do u no gwen stefani? no
is gwen stefani a man
Gwen Stefani's 37! omg
by lenuk November 18, 2005

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