1. Former lead singer of No Doubt, shitty grrl-rock band which broke up when Stefani's ego became so huge it destroyed their studio. Now an even worse solo artist with absolutely no talent at all, a voice like Cher through a meat grinder, and who is attempting to break into the J-pop and J-rock market. Needs to be beaten to death with a splintery 2x4 by Shiina Ringo.
2. A girl who is a horrible bitch.
3. Someone who needs to be beaten to death by Shiina Ringo.
4. A hairless, hyperevolved woman-ape.
"Tonight on VH1: Gwen Stefani, and how she destroyed the career she never actually had to begin with."
"Marcy is a straight-up Gwen Stefani, dog."
"When you go to Japan, try not to be a Gwen Stefani, okay?"
"My word! We've got a regular Gwen Stefani on our hands, Dr. Higgins!"
by President Laura Roslin September 09, 2005
A talentless fuck that thinks selling "Japanese" shit, spelling out "bananas" for 4 year olds, and making shitty pop songs with no meaning what-so-ever will would make her famous. I hope her new crack baby will make her commit suicide.
Mom, will you buy me this $85.00 shit by Gwen Stefani?
by A.m.b.e.r. November 29, 2008
See Yoko Ono and replace "The Beatles" with "Bush."
Gavin Rosdale is whipped for Gwen, not that I can blame him....
by Matt January 26, 2005
A singer who was great in no doubt and has made it big as a solo artist as well though I can't understand why. Her new music is verry different from her old, and is mainly trashy pop that gives a bad name to modern day music. She has two japanese girls that seem to follow her everywhere. She's in her late 30's now and seems to be producing worse and worse music. i admit I like holloback girl, but the Sweet Escape is just plain terrible. She had it going for her, but now it's just kinda sad.
Girl One: I love the song sweet escape by Gwen Stefani! It's the best song ever!
Girl Two: You don't know anything about good music. She says the lyrics "I've been acting like sour milk fell on the floor/It;s your fault you didn't shut the refrigerator/ maybe that's the reason I've been acting so cold"!!!
Girl One: I like it.
Girl Two: What has the world come to?
by Danelline Marks April 02, 2007
The most beautiful bitch on the planet. She may be called a "sell out" by many, but she's still one of the few artists nowadays who can write her own songs and sing about real shit (especially in her No Doubt songs).
Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and that bitch from Paramore can never be compared to Gwen Stefani.
by VeraBomb January 24, 2013
A female singer accused of selling out in 2004-6 because she "left" her band no doubt, when nobody realized that she never left no doubt and no doubt decided to take a break and during that break she wanted to do a solo record, with bass player from No Doubt who helped on recording her solo career, and in September 25th 2012 No Doubt released a new album.
Idiots jump to conclusions on the lead singer of no doubt Gwen Stefani selling out, when she said time to time again that her solo career wasn't meant to be taking seriously, and it was a side project while no doubt was taking a break.
by cannotthinkofanamesadly January 10, 2013
The lead singer of the amazing band No Doubt. When the band where on hiatus she had a 4 year solo career. Has now returned to the band to continue singing amazing songs like "Just a Girl" and "Hella Good". Is married to Gavin Rossdale and has two children Kingston and Zuma.
person 1: Do you like the Gwen Stefani?
person 2: No. She's a sellout who left No Doubt
person 1: Actually she's on tour with No Doubt right now and only did the solo thing because the band decided they needed a break
person 2: Oh
person 1: Bet you feel like a bit of a fanny now. Don't ya?
by jean robert June 03, 2009

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