The Love of my Life... The hottest girl that I have ever known... Shes worth everything to me!
"Gwen, you're so amazing!"
by Gwenlover March 21, 2012
Top Definition
sweetest, nicest girl you will ever meet. cries when watching movies or when anyone gets hurt. Brilliant smile and bubbly personality. Is unaware of just how beautiful she really is. Really friendly, always cracking a joke. Wants to find true love, but finds herself getting hurt in relationships constantly because she's attracted to macho, asshole jerks. Gwens are very intelligent people, though at first misjudged for being girly girls. Once one gets to know a Gwen, they find that Gwens are strong willed and stubborn and not as easy going as once presumed. Easy to fall for.
"Man, I'm sick of all these hoes! I just want to be with a Gwen."

"I can't tell if she likes me dude, she's so nice to everyone."

"Aww who made cupcakes?"
by hamburgerhelper98 September 07, 2011
always the hottest fuck'n girl in school with both personality and T & A (tits and ass)
Gwen was in my fantasy dream last night.
As gwen passed, I had no choice but to yell dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm for five seconds straight!
by patrick star fish April 20, 2008
Verb - To repeatedly fall out of a chair or off of a table
Wow, you just pulled a gwen.
by DERandDRA April 27, 2008
A cool girl, kind and funny - shy, but when you really know her, she's totally chatty! Everyone wants to be friends with Gwen, an amazing smile and is not afraid to be weird in public no matter if it's in front of a stranger - just for a laugh! Always willing to stand up for her friends. Likes giving complements to please people - a really outstanding girl!
1 Gwen: Hi, I made you cupcakes - chocolate :)
Michael: Thanks!
Gwen: Welcome, see you!

2 Michael: Dude, Gwen is hilarious, I love her smile!
Jay: I know, she's beautiful too! Here she comes!
Gwen: Hi guys, looks like you got some heavy bags there. I'll take them home for you.
by Awesome-Me September 17, 2012
adj. describing an attractive female
named after Gwen Stefani
Man, that girl at the club was so gwen!
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
a funny,always energetic,spunky,outgoing girl. she always knows what to do and what to say she isnt afraid of saying her thoughts
hey man that girls a gwen
yo gwen what up
u love matthew
u want some of the twinkies
and some rpbc
by the biggest piece of cow dung April 19, 2011
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