Used to decribe a person who has never had an original idea in his/her life.
Run mom! Before the gwen stefani tries to exploit you too!
by chyeah August 08, 2005
Lead singer of the wonderful, wonderful band No Doubt that has left the kickass music of No Doubt for dance-pop/Madonna-ish music that is mediocre at best
Gwen Stefani was so much better with No Doubt.
by arverbaerb November 27, 2005
Some pop/hip hop singer who thinks shit equals bananas. Pretty impressive, though, since she manages to be a wigger and a wapanese, and a wannabe Marilyn Monroe at the same time. Go Gwen!
Gwen Stefani: The shit is bannanas-- B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
by OMG its me March 21, 2006
"Hang onto your schtick, Gwen's coming over". Gwen Stefani is a schtick schteeler. That is, she'll swipe your signature style whether someone else is using it or not. Just ask Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Deborah Harry, Dale Bozzio, Annabella Lwin, Kathleen Hanna, and the unsigned, unsung heroes. She wears a lot of make-up for a girl that's just "keeping it real", and is that a demon she's hiding behind that cold, glassy stare? Well she began as the singer in a band that wasn't bad. "No Doubt". A few catchy songs, and we'll still remember "Don't Speak" in a few years. But then she sold OUT like the dickens. Aye Caramba! Now she has Asian girls follow her around like the servants for a white lady. Gwen has started her own clothing line, with a biblical reference, L.A.M.B. No doubt, she does not design all of those garments by herself.
When a woman (Gwen Stefani)reeks of perfume yet claims she never wears it and that you are noticing her body's natural scent (and has a fragrance made in honour of it) one must think "hmmm" to all of this "innocence and honesty" she's splashing about. L.
by Norma Jeane February 08, 2008
Used to be good in no doubt.

Since she went solo, she has become colour blind and confused with the colour of her skin. she thinks she's black.
Gwen Stefani thinks she's black!
by Blwahdsg November 13, 2005
Verb, meaning vaguely, to cuss in an out-of-control manner, or more specifically, to say shit too much. Derived from the pop song "Hollaback Girl"
"Shit! I hate this shit! It's a piece of shit"
"Dude, you're totally Gwen Stefani-ing right now."
by lakerhoopstar January 02, 2007
Former lead singer of the now disbanded punk/indie group, 'No Doubt'.
Gwen recently reinvented herself for her solo career in a bubblegum 'a rainbow threw up on me' pop fashion and turned a bit Wapanese along the way.
Damn I want her album! 'Love Angel Kittens Baby Heart Rainbow Angel Music'.. ah Hell..I'll just buy Ciara
by just some chick June 08, 2005

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