A horrid woman who's voice rings like a police siren and looks older than Cher.
Gwen Stefani tought me how to spell bananas.
by KaotiK May 31, 2005
The biggest sellout in the history of ska music. That stupid bitch went solo just for the money. She most likely sucked many cocks to get to the point she's at today, because all of her songs have sucked since she has gone solo. She is probably the biggest reason that ska is dying, besides the death of Bradley Nowell of Sublime.
Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Bitch
"This shit is retarded, S-E-L-L-O-U-T"
by Retarded Retard January 18, 2006
Former lead singer of the now disbanded punk/indie group, 'No Doubt'.
Gwen recently reinvented herself for her solo career in a bubblegum 'a rainbow threw up on me' pop fashion and turned a bit Wapanese along the way.
Damn I want her album! 'Love Angel Kittens Baby Heart Rainbow Angel Music'.. ah Hell..I'll just buy Ciara
by just some chick June 08, 2005
A strangely pale popstar who insists on wearing bright red lipstick and maintaining platinum blonde hair to make her look even paler. Was once the singer in a band called No Doubt in which she demonstrated far more musical talent than in her new soloist songs. "If I was a Rich Girl" probably reflects what she was thinking when she was stuck with her bandmates who could probably make tons more on their own than her. Catchy songs though. <3
Let's go use four interesting silent foreign people as props like Gwen Stefani.
by sodapopmary December 18, 2005
An idiot who has an unhealthy obsession with Harajuku girls. She was better off with No Doubt.
It's okay to be an 'otaku', but Gwen Stefani really needs to just stop.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006
A singer who was part of an amazing and unique band called No Doubt(which technically still exists). However, she sold out and started a horrible solo career, churning out crappy hip-hop/pop songs. In her band, she was awesome. As a solo act, she is generic and total crap.
Gwen Stefani is the perfect example of a sellout.
by ben1 August 14, 2006
Used to decribe a person who has never had an original idea in his/her life.
Run mom! Before the gwen stefani tries to exploit you too!
by chyeah August 08, 2005
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