This is person is the sole reason why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor way back when. They predicted in the future a female wigger (aka fwigger) like Gwen Stefani would come to power in the music industry and dress like a japanese person, even though they only dress like that on the weekends. She also creates songs that make people's ears bleed. Due to her horrible rap and hip-hop songs, Tupac Shakur is rolling over in his grave right now.
If Tupac were alive, he would shoot down Gwen Stefani with a bunch of AK-47s.
by Bubba #2 December 28, 2005
Used to be a rolemodel for women when she was part of No Doubt, but now she is a poser who likes to dress ghetto, magic, "Japanese" and whatever else comes into her mind.

She owns four Japanese Harajuku girls, but for all I know, they're probably Chinese or something, 'cause they sure as hell don't dress Harajuku. Gwen Stefani likes to kill Japanese and Hispanic culture in videos such as "Rich Girl" and "Luxurious". She can't seem to notice that she has lost her original fanbase.
OMFG i wanna be jus lik gwen stefani and own 4 harajuku gals and sing heeheehehee!111!!!
by Yamini December 19, 2005
She was once part of the coolest band,No doubt,but now she's gone solo and ruined her career.No one wants to listen to the crap she calls music.
Gwen Stefani is a fake.
by Anonymous December 04, 2004
She used to be the lead singer for No Doubt, which was a pretty good band, but she sold out and now makes god awful pop music. She can often be seen with her newest accessories, Love, Angel, Music, Baby; her Harajuku girls. You can spot her platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick from a mile away.
Stefani fan: Oh my god, I love Gwen and her Harajuku girls!

Me: You mean her slaves?
by Nobody Grim June 07, 2005
a stupid pop whore who only went solo so she can get money. the rich little bitch.
her songs suck and she ruined her career
by cooj April 20, 2005
Gwen Stefani is the stupid bitch who released the song 'Hollaback Girl' and for that should be instantly sentenced to death.
If I hear another Gwen Stefani song I swear i'm gonna go to the nearest rooftop and start shooting people.
by Warheart August 13, 2005
once the lead singer of a decent rock band, she has now fallen into the pop world. she thinks having a few japanese girls follow her around will make her cool. she also releases shitty songs that make little or no sense. her name is often confused with the word tool
this bitch taught me how to spell bananas
by johnny carcinogen August 14, 2005
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