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1. A stuck-up whore who considers herself to be above those who haven't the experience she has through her sleeping around with everyone: a slutty female who treats or refers to those who are less promiscuous than her as "newbies" and usually considers herself the master cum dumpster while looking down on cleaner people who haven't slept with everyone

2. a very beat up name that two idiots name their child in an effort to try to be fancy, but end up making a fool of their child instead

I'd always thought Camryn was snobby because of wealth or something, but as it turns out she lives in an old shack with 30 or 40 other bums and is a major Gwandoya.

Ever the Gwandoya, Adrianna frowned and walked away after she found out I hadn't done every member of the football team like she had over the weekend.

No one could believe Sydney was actually planning on getting married after having been a Gwandoya for most of her life.

The beautiful cheerleaders couldn't figure out why truly trashy Lily didn't think they were up to her standards until her boyfriend, Rowan, told them she was a Gwandoya.

I couldn't stand when one of my student's names was a Gwandoya.

When Urbanianetta asked me if I liked her name, I told her how I found it to be a massive Gwandoya.

All these celebrities are giving their children Gwandoyas and really not considering the lives of their children.

by BicMacDad18 April 03, 2008

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