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Guy Ripley, the alter ego of Cobra Starship's Ryland Blackington, is a reporter for BBC World News. Ripley is known for asking the most interesting questions and for having an enormous crush on Victoria Asher of Cobra Starship and William Beckett of The Academy Is... Guy is often referred to as 'The Queen of Fangirls.' His catch phrase is Delicious and has openly voiced his opinion that Ryland Blackinton is a better guitar player than Michal Guy Chislett of The Academy Is... . Ripley has his own mini series on TAI TV called "Guy Ripley's True Things." He can be spotted in random places, from The Honda Civic Tour, to Leeds, UK, to The VMA's. He is especially fond of William Beckett and frequently asks William to sign his shoe. Guy was touched and excited when William patted his shoulder at the 2007 VMAs without having to ask him to do so.
Did you know that Guy Ripley is the Queen of Fangirls?
by Santi__ November 11, 2007
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The best looking reporter at the BBC. He has friends in high places and the best taste in women, if he could only pluck up the courage to ask Victoria (Cobra Starship) out on a date.
He's delicious.
"emo hair. Emo hair..thats what they call it in America." - Guy Ripley
by kirstee November 05, 2007
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The hottest reporter at BBC. He should really get over that obsession with William Beckett, though.
Guy Ripley's obsession with William is unhealthy!
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
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