g-hi har-vee

1. Used to describe a generic type of man.

2. A brand of clothing associated with the fishing industry.

3. Also can be used as an insult in which one is referred to as being dim-witted.
Ruben is such a guy harvey.

He's wearing a blue Guy Harvey shirt.

Whatever, guy harvey. You're so dumb.
by just jill July 14, 2005
Top Definition
Its when you are laying in bed and getting head from the girl. (you dont give her the tap out before you blow your load in her mouth) Then just before you are about to blow your load, you take your finger and fish hook her in the ass. This makes the girl start to squirm around like a fish on a hook and then you unleash your load into her mouth.
Jon: "Mary squirmed like a little bitch fish after I gave her the guy harvey"
by bravesfan5520 April 29, 2009
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