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1.An extreme slacker or fuck-up.

2. The landlord’s nephew

3.Somone who lives on your sofa/couch.

4.A great conversationalist, he's always got time to hear about your day.

Either his girlfriend/parents threw him out so he came to stay with you for a few days or he came with the place when you moved in and you never bothered to check it out.

Now he's been on your sofa for 3 months. Although he's a nice guy, he doesn't pay bills or rent. He doesn't have a job. He watches TV all day, plays on your Xbox and raids your fridge. He's doesn't have any clean cloths so he's wearing your girlfriend's jeans, and your scuba diving mask (for whatever reason.) He also uses your oven to dry his boxer shorts.

Oh yeah, and he's baked....all the time.
For fucks sake, that guy that lives on my sofa really pisses me off, he used all the Reggae Reggae sauce again.

by Orinoco23 November 18, 2007

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