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To have the burney-hot shits, the sort that won't stop.
I was out last night and drank a crate of cider. Now I've got a
terrible dose of the gutters and me arse killin' me.
by Chicken Ranch September 18, 2006
13 12
straight street; rough; gangsta; don't wanna mess wit em type
yo that bitch is straight gutter, she'll fuck u up homie!!
by lil mama April 02, 2004
530 116
If someone says your mind is "in the gutter," they probably mean that you constantly think about sex or sex-related things.
Your mind is in the gutter.
Get out of the gutter.
by DuMont June 07, 2005
377 184
another word for Ghetto, or Hardcore Gangster.
Damn, that bitch Carli is strait Gutter! Betta watch yo back, she will beat yo ass.
by Shaniquia September 14, 2005
242 111
When a person eats so much that they have no clue when to stop
Rosie O' donell is a gutter!

Summo wrestlers are some gutters!
by khari0915 January 22, 2012
18 21
the areas to the left and right of the balls, between the edge of scrotum and the inner thigh (not to be confused with 'taint')
It's way too hot outside; I need my gutters swept.
by Dickbag McGee September 12, 2006
6 14
nasty; dirty; grimy; stinky; skanky; gross; disgusting; repulsive; embarrassing; illegal immigrant; something disturbing or unacceptable to society.
"So, I was eating my burrito and I decided I wasn't hungry anymore so I threw it in the trash. A couple hours later I decided I was still hungry and knew I put a burrito in the trash. I then picked it up out of the trash and ate it."
"Dude, that's gutter."


"I'm so horny I'm swamping" "Ew Laura, that's gutter."
by naughtypigs April 28, 2010
35 47