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A particularily painful sharp, gastrous pain, caused by a night of heavy alcohol consumption, usually following the morning after consumption occurs.
*flatulant sounds* "Aw man, I have gut rot from the 03 we had last night!"
by Ricebabe January 15, 2004
When your insides feel like they just barfed on themselves.
"Hey I feel like I have to take a big dump, but I can't, so I must have gut rot."
by Wessie Jittaker July 02, 2007
Extreme intestinal disturbance associated with food-borne pathogens. Food poisoning not serious enough to require hospital treatment, but causing regular and horrific bouts of galloping diarrhea.
"Hi, this is Ben Hawley. Um, I won't be coming in today 'cause I've got the gutrot. So I'll... oh no..."
by shoggoth August 10, 2003
An extreme feeling of sickness in one's digestive track that almost always results in a very severe and excrutiating case of explosive diarhea.
Eating at Coney Island and Shitney almost always gives me gut-rot.
by Erin August 14, 2003
An alcoholic drink with a horrible taste and a tendency to make your stomach feel as if the lining has come off.
Dave : Hey Joe! Whats that your Drinking?
Joe : My favourite Super Strength Lager
Dave : Are you kidding man, that stuffs bloody gutrot
by infusion April 06, 2008
Pot Liquor, Shine, Moonshine, Hooch, Bootleg whiskey, Likker, alky, booze, Juice, Sauce, Eth, Ocean, XXX, stillwater, hard stuff, fire water, canned heat, White Jesus, spirits, smoke, red-eye, brew, slug, libation, shot, nipples, etc......
Dude, I gotta get off the gutrot before I shit my liver.
by Jaggo March 23, 2004
A catchall term for heartburn, acid reflux, ulcers, and other things where your stomach feels like it's digesting itself. Since for the most part, you take the same pills for them, there's rarely a need to differentiate in casual conversation.
"Oh man, I've got some killer gut rot, anyone got some Rolaids?" "Here, take a Zantac, it'll work better. And maybe you should stop working 80 hour weeks and eating garbage?"
by roxyhead August 24, 2011
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