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Any old piece paper wrote on with a black sharpie,stating that the individual holding this card HAS any and All rights to sexual acts with a female having a front butt or just being FAT BITCHES..
Odie has had his gunting license for a while now and still hasnt bagged a fatty. (license not valid during canned hunts set up by your buddys)

How do you eat an indian taco, lift up the squaws belly youve got your license to gunt!

Jacking off 10 hours in moms basement with a rubber band on your dick shouldnt deter ones self from wanting a gunt full of eroticism.(see mopeds, fat chix are like mopeds)

Her black tights still couldnt cover up that enormous gunt.
get a license.

fucking fat chicks helps meet hot friends get your gunting license
by ODIES GUNTING December 13, 2009
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