Flabby foreskin above the pussy region. Sometimes apperance is celulitic.
Jayne: What is that saggy lump hanging over her pants?
Cheryl: oh that is her fat gunt.
by Queen La Queefa December 10, 2002
When an older woman pops out a few kids and she has a pretruding gut above her feminine regions. Also known as a grandma cunt or gut cunt.
Ms. Mikaluaskas turned to look at me and her gunt poked me in the eye.
by 20 April 27, 2004
gunt-Gunt: Definition of someone who is listening to anything played by the urban folk group, G-Unit. Also refers to a great cunt, which in most cases remmain one in the same. Coined in Eastern Canada.
Examples include but are not limited to: "look at him, he is a gunt, a great large steaming pile of gunt. As worthless as so many Tom Petty fans", and "she was so loose she had a gunt for genitalia".
by The Max Power March 12, 2006
A term given to a freind or group of freinds in an ironic greeting.
Yo, what are you gunts up to? I might come round for some beers.


How's Jezza? I haven't seen that gunt for ages!
by Lem January 05, 2005
Technical word used only when to describe someone who is GAY and a CUNT
You are a GUNT!!!!
by GGMGG September 13, 2008
Large fleshy area beneath a man's stomach , above his pubic area. May protrude or hang loose.
In spite of his fat gut, Bill chose to wear a tight belt around his gunt.
by greygoose July 12, 2005
Like a fucking retard "fucktard" a "gunt" is a geeky cunt!!
Look at that those geeky cunts over there, yeah what a bunch of gunts!!
by Motherchuckler September 12, 2014

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