a variation on the word cunt, to be used in schools as a safe way of shouting "cunt" when authoratative figures are in the local vicinity

used by neil and stuart firstly, but has since spread and is used quite regularly by pupils and teachers alike.


"That Alasdair Bain is a right gunt aint he?"
"He sure is, he suuuure is"
by Neil and Stuart March 09, 2006
Gunt; (noun); her pink Gunt. The very small piece of soft pink flesh that links the opening of the vagina to the opening of the anus. This is a smaller piece of flesh compared to the much bigger males Gooch which links the bottom of the scrotum to the anus.
I took Maz home after the party flipped her on her front and while I was down there I tickled here gunt with my nose till she couldn't take it any more.
by Toby-larone January 23, 2012
The large, soft hanging male belly that completely covers a man's genitals when he is standing up. To truly acquire gunt status, no gentalia at all may be visible below the belly's bottom flap.
"Check out that dude's gunt, I can't see even a bit of his nads!"

See fat guy in the naked wrestling scene in the movie "Borat" for a real-world example of a world-class gunt.
by Mr. Potato Heed April 19, 2007
Used to desribe a lie told by an indvidual
Hey Johhny did you listen to what bill said?

Yeah I Know it was a Gunt
by John The Big Norewgian August 06, 2006
When your gut hangs over your c*nt.
She was so fat that she had Gunt!
by Nancy Gomez September 29, 2004
Gay Cunt. Shortened version of Gay cunt. Originated in the storeroom at IGA Supermarket.
you're such a gunt

That was Guntish

You're a gunt sandwich with a side of gunt
by holdy December 09, 2007
Medically referred to as the "pannis" it is the lump of fat just above a womans vaginal area. The words pudge and cunt were combined to form the word gunt.
She was good looking, thin from the waist up but from the waist down her gunt was a real turn off.
by rumrunner August 07, 2006

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