In Scotland, a supporter of Heart of Midlothian association football club.
The gunts' faces are tripping them after their recent defeat.
by Colr November 20, 2006
Short form for "cunt-gut." Basically it's when a woman's stomach, or gut, starts under her breasts and extents all the way down to her cunt. Where a regular belly would cut back in at the belt-line, the gunt finishes much lower.
Being only 25, Amy developed her gunt at an early age.
by Big C October 24, 2003
inflated area around the pubic bone, just above the female genitalia, also called fupa, fuppy among other names
"If'n she ain't pregnant that is one hell of a gunt!"
by kingsexy February 03, 2003
When the fat from a womans pouch (area between belly button and vagina) continues around the sides and back.
Dude look at that girls gunt hanging over the side of her jeans.
by Dr. Aden March 15, 2007
(1.) The flap of an old woman underneath her abdomin but above her cunt (lmao)
(2.) My neighbor has a huge one and it hangs out all the fucking time, it's totally gross, he makes me want to be sick all over him...
Me:Woah...look at the gunt on Dave. *shouts* Dave fucking put it away!
Friend:*Laffs on floor*
Dave:*Tucks it away and his trousers raise about fifteen feet off the floor and make his penis sadly more obvious and we are all sick*
by u momma lmfao October 29, 2006
A combination of the word gun and cunt. An extremely feminine, or fake looking gun.
You're not going to be robbing any banks with that gunt, son.
by Lou V October 02, 2007
A combination of the word gun and cunt. Represents an obviously fake or extremely feminine looking gun
Your not going to be robbing any banks with that gunt.
by Lou Vena September 06, 2007

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