Easily one of the top 5 bands of the last 20 years, if not the best. To lump them in with '80s hair metal is to do them a disservice. Guns n' Roses is a hard rock band. Best known for the songs "November Rain" and "Welcome To The Jungle," their first album Appetite For Destruction is the best selling debut of all time. The intro guitar riff for "Sweet Child o Mine" is recognized as one of the greatest ever. The band formed in LA in 1985, playing the Hollywood clubs before being signed. Their original lineup was:

W.Axl Rose - Vocals
Slash - Lead Guitar
Izzy Stradlin - Rhythm Guitar
Duff McKagan - Bass Guitar
Steven Adler - Drums

Adler was replaced by Matt Sorum from The Cult, and Gilby Clarke replaced Izzy when he left. Dizzy Reed was added for keyboard duty.

The band was effectively broken up by 1995 or possibly before, with most members pursuing other projects and Axl carrying on the Guns n' Roses name with a new cast of musicians. Slash, Duff, and Matt formed Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland (ex STP).
It is music's great loss that the band collapsed under the weight of its member's egos, as many predicted that they could have been this generation's Rolling Stones. Perhaps an unlikely Aerosmith-type reunion could still occur, but if not, Guns n' Roses' music will stand the test of time and serve as a testament to the brilliance they showed during their '87-'93 heydey.
Do yourself a favor and check out "Rocket Queen," one of Guns n' Roses' lesser known gems. The style shift in the guitar work toward the end of the song is excellent and totally seamless...
by Crew Middle Fork November 15, 2004
Top Definition
Guns N Roses was the best band to grace this sweet earth from 87-93.

Just to silence the unknowing:

Axl Rose was late to shows because he needed a massuese because as a child, he was beaten, and needed someone to take care of his ankles which kept twisting.

Axl punched out that fan with a camera in St. Louis because earlier the "fan" (who was only there to make fun of the band) was taunting Axl and giving grief to those around him, and as we all know, Axl doesnt take motherFUCKIN shit from NOBODY. Damn he`s so hot...

None of the members were fired; they all walked out on the band, as so says Axl and Dizzy Reed, the keyboardist.

Axl is currently working on Chinese Democracy, which Gilby claims is close to finishing, but you never know. I await the album happily even if I`m waiting for a long, longgggggg time...!
Guns N Roses, the most motherfuckin kickass band that ever was.
by Adrienne the Axl Fan January 17, 2005
A REAL rock band. Unfortunately some people listen to a single song and say they suck, but you're wrong.
Over 9.6 million Guns 'n' Roses fans CAN'T be wrong!
by csgasser May 11, 2005
The greatest rock and roll band that ever existed.
"Guns N' Roses are cool and stuff"
by Hello June 03, 2003
"guns n roses" was an 80s rock band. the name was derrived from the two origional members tracii guns and axl rose. Origional members were:
axl(william axl rose) - singer

slash (saul hudson)- lead guitar

izzy stradlin (Jeff isabell) - rhythem
guitar *used to be drummer*

Duff McKagen (michael Mckagen) - bass

Stephen adler (the man) - drums

The band went their different ways over a period of time starting from 1993 and different band members took over. The one origional member of the band - axl rose is still trying to re-create the band as it was at its glory...he can only get away with it since he is pretty damned amazing onstage! However we are still waiting for chinese democracy

the other band members went onto do different projects, the most successful of all,involvs slash,duff and Matt sorum (who replaced stephen on drums in 1990) together in a band with dave kushner and front man skott weiland.

They kick ass, and have given great strength and joy to many other youths including myself. a 1 disc greatest hits album does NOT give the band justice

"you know where you are!? your in the jungle baby...your guna diiiieieeieieieiieieeiieieieiei...."
by fran xox August 06, 2004
the BEST band in the world even tho they were around ages ago. They were not racist but just said what they think all the time which set them apart from all the truly rubbish bands we have around now. They conisted on W.Axl rose{vocals}, Slash{lead Guitars}, Izzy Stradlin{Rythm guitars}, Duff Mckagan{bass} and steven adler{drums}. They broke up because Axl is abit of an asshole.We do love u axl all the same but u did break them up single handedly. When they all broke up they all kinda kept in touch {except for axl} and they now all have solo projects and we have the brilliant Velvet revolver!!!!!
guns n' roses rule!!!!!!!!!
by Monique November 21, 2004
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