A mis-shaped scrotum.
Yeah I have a gunny_snipes.. I was born with it.

After that bike accident, I was diagnosed with a gunny_snipes.
by Moony April 17, 2004
Top Definition
An employee of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
Mommy is going to jail because a Gunny Snipes caught me downloading music.

I download my music from SoulSeek which makes those gunny snipes' very angry.
by ToM (P2PForums.com) April 17, 2004
Someone who lives behind their keyboard only to be a legend in their own mind.

Despised by the majority of the internet and everyone in P2P filesharing.
You motherfucking Gunny_Snipes
You n00b, you Gunny_Snipes
You can't defeat me, Gunny_Snipes
I have a life, unlike you Gunny_Snipes
by Athlon June 06, 2004
A shull-shagging, skunk-molesting, son of a spunk-gibbons uncle.
you are nothing less than a worthless steaming pile of gunny.
by kayaman April 17, 2004
the most aggrovating sack of shit on the internet. dumbfuck assclown jackass
the only person dumb enough to get banned from my site is gunny snipes
you're annoying, but you're not gunny snipes
stop being lame, you're not gunny snipes
by QNet Posse April 18, 2004
An unoriginal, boring, overused set of insults used by people in IRC channels and internet discussion forums

cliche pansy
Shut the fuck up with those Gunny Snipes, we've heard them all before.
At the end of the day, we're fucking sick of hearing those Gunny Snipes.
You have been kick/banned from #P2PForums for overuse of Gunny Snipes.
by .::P2PForums::. April 17, 2004
A clueless, worthless, no-life loser who frequents irc chat channels, web forums, etc and annoys the shit out of everyone.

A Self-proclaimed Lamer.
You are such a gunny snipes.
That is so gunny snipes.
Who are you? a gunny snipes?
by D-503 April 16, 2004
Hot Steaming pile of shit
EvilHamsterOfDeath goes to the bathroom to take a Gunny_snipes
by EvilHamsterOfDeath April 19, 2004
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