" a word used to describe someone who is tired and is unable to hit the "f" key... and lazily hits the "g" key instead. means "tiredly funny"
man rianne you are so gunny..
by EDWARRRD February 13, 2009
From the word Gunnison. a word that only locals of Gunnison, CO are allowed to use in describing their home.
We were going to leave for the weekend but just decided to rally in gunny, instead.
by wattles November 06, 2007
When things are gunny, they are mad good. Somebody can also be gunny, which is when they are wilin' out and actin a fool, in a good way.
Guy 1:Yo, you see Dave Chappelle?

Guy 2:Man, than dude is gunny!
by geh feh reh September 29, 2006
Another word for a mindless tart who bumbles through the world not knowing who or what he is. One who maliciously seeks to destroy trust barriers. A person who continually redefines the word stupid.
woah did you get a load of the gunny, man am I glad that I actualy have a brain
by jocque July 23, 2004
Comes from Tvlle Nth Queensland in the mid eighties.
Used to describe a girl/woman who slept around.
That Marsha, she a gunny. She slept with my boyfriend!
by Memories of Oz Oasis April 25, 2004
People say it up north where I grew up (AK)

It is another word for a dork or a spastic.
-Did you see the way he pissed himself when the cops came?
-What a gunny!
by WuBanga May 22, 2004
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