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A country dance done by Beatrice Middleton. Most notably done to 'Hillbilly Rock' by Marty Stuart. Its a fun dance and is also a wonderful pre-game warm up exercise. Its also used as a celebration dance when Beatrice's teams win. So if you want some fun that keeps ticking like a clock, do a crazy thing called the Gunny Granny Rock!
Beatrice: Hey kids, you want to learn the Gunny Granny Rock? Its fun!

Diego: Sure! But what's a Gunny Granny Rock?

Wilson: Yeah, what you talkin' about Coach Beatrice?

Beatrice: Here, let me show you. (She turns on 'Hillbilly Rock') You just imitate the movements of the song. Its easy. (She starts dancing with them)

Diego: You're right, this is fun! I love it.

Beatrice: I knew you would. This is crazy. Its the Gunny Granny Rock beating with the drum. Its as quick as shooting from a gun. You'll love it.

Diego and Wilson: Nice! Crazy as a clock, we love it when you do the Gunny Granny Rock. Cause after all a Gunny Granny's gotta do what a Gunny Granny's gotta do!

Beatrice: Right on! (she high fives Wilson and Diego)
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 11, 2012
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