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1. A mediocre fighter who can only knock people out miraculously with insane hits.
2. A color; black
1. Gunmetal pwned you then stole your gun.
2. Hey that hole is black. No it isn't, it's gunmetal.
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
The most metal type of metal; only the most boss of the bosses can be described as gunmetal.
Chuck Norris is the most gunmetal dude on the planet.

"I heard you climbed Mount Everest and then shredded down the slopes like a boss"
"Yea dude, I'm pretty gunmetal."
by Markefus August 22, 2013
The founder of the • ЯØ××Ô®z • ¥óùr • bÖ××ÓЯz • Bruddaho0d™
"Wanna join t3h bruddaho0d? free co0ki3!"
by Gunmetal January 25, 2004
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