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Sarah "Ji Won" Lee, and her B/F Cruz. Or other ppl that think they are gankstaz but are saddly mistaken, like a wanksta but more pathetic and stoopid.
Shyt nikka, those Gunkstaz Sarah and Cruz are comin' dey Tryin to look hard in their broke ass 1985 Honda Prelude
by BaD Panda Inc. May 19, 2003

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Some one who THINKS they are a gankster and cant even pronounce it... even worse than a Wangsta
Damn Sarah and Cruz are GUNKSTAS!!
by BadPandaStyleKru May 15, 2003
the next level of gangsta, a higher form of it
Damn dood that new Mobb Deep joint was gunksta as fuck!
by FrEsH 2 DeAtH April 18, 2006