One of if not the greatest mecha mini-generes ever created. The only flaws are that about 10 of the 17 series recycle the same plot.
Note: gundam wing is the best followed by char's counter attack
g gundam is racist
a gundam with wings automatically wins
GUNDAM (v.n.adj) 1. Never ceasing to be always ahead of the game 2. infinitely cool, new and fresh 3. Undefeatably and uncontrollably in the past present and future to infinity
If you take Quondam
quon·dam (kwŏn'dəm, -dām') Pronunciation Key
adj. That once was; former: "the quondam drunkard, now perfectly sober" (Bret Harte).

and the 9th definition of Gun

9. to cause (an engine, vehicle, aircraft, etc.) to increase in speed very quickly by increasing the supply of fuel.
which in short means to move forward
combine the two it makes GUNDAM
by Jonvb123 January 26, 2009
Gundams are Mobile Suits that are either used to destroy the peace, or keep it. Some Gundams include: (SEED and SEED DESTINY)
-and a whole bunch of others from other series.
Other series include:
-Mobile Suit Gundam
-008ths MS Team
-Zeta Gundam
-ZZ Gundam
-Gundam F91
-Victory Gundam
-Turn A Gundam
-SEED Astray
-SEED Stargazer
"Which Gundam is that?" says a Ginn soldier. "OH NO, IT'S THE STRIKE!!!" replied a CGue soldier.
by Patrick Chung May 05, 2008
Perfection incarnate, and your god. Bow down before the mighty Gundam!!
Model Graphix doesn't know what they're talking about. It's not an acronym.
by Dyne Vidan March 25, 2004
Gundam better known as (Guys under neverending depression and masturbation.) Is a type of male who lives a isolated and concealed life style. They usually have vast social disorders and are reluctant to communicate to the female species. Gundam's usually have irregular sleeping patterns , No valuable source of income and are usually virgins with little to no friends outside of the world wide web. A Gundam is usually created threw a traumatizing experience as and adolescent ether being ridiculed for lack of female companions and sexual experience. Note that Gundams are not homosexuals. rather they are the guy who gives up entirely on meeting new people usually women for the fear of judgement and ridicule , and do not possess the amount of social experience needed to attract or befriend a women. Gundams usually come off a Weirdos,Awkward,Lame,Creepy or a Loser. A Gundam can work a 9 to 5 normal life but never have the pleasure of having sex or having someone who cares about them thus they are under constant depression and get by life sexually threw Chronic masturbation. Truly they are sad Individuals.
Do you think that the Gundam Boy will finally leave his house today?

Mark your starting to look like a Gundam, Go find yourself a Girlfriend!

Maybe one day there will be a cure to help Gundam's.
by Prendes Mcsteamy December 28, 2010
Fictional humanoid war machine
by Fighter May 14, 2003
A term that also refers to big biceps or muscles. Biceps so big that it's not enough to just call them guns.
U don't wanna fuckin mess with that guy. U see the size of his arms? If he punches u in the chest with those gundams your fuckin head would explode.
by L. Beast April 11, 2007

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