A tool that is only deadly if used for its intended purpose.
"A gun is a tool, no different from a baseball bat, or a meat cleaver, or ... an alligator!"

-Homer Simpson
by JakeStar May 11, 2005
to be absolutely be at best of and / or own some type of activity
. to own the sport
. to be better then others at it . quik , fast , on a roll
john: do you play oztag
reice: man im gun at oztag!!
by HunEy619 April 03, 2007
An interception by a defensive player
the defence catches the ball and yells "guns"
by The C.O.D. March 25, 2008
This word is for all those people who have children or relatives that lay around their house all day or will not get out of bed on time. The child or relative must also understand instant messaging. You can now shout..."GUN." Repeatedly if you like. If you shout it loud enough and with enough conviction, it will scare them to death, or at lease get them to open an eye.

John, you lazy bum,it's 11 o'clock...GUN!...GUN!...GUN!
by Joe Roberts March 02, 2008
i got my gun cocked tight and its ready to blow
by get-him-to-blow April 27, 2009
The word gun is a term used very loosely, meaning keen to get with someone.
"Man, that dude is gun to hook up with Jenny."
by rawr shut up December 25, 2007
usually metal or a lightweight alloy is used to create an ultra efficient killing machine, known as the gun it harvests an explosion, thus firing a metal slug through the air at high speed. when the correct ammunition and gun is used, you can really fuck shit up
j-dawg took out his gun and fired a few shots into the air
by Sephlopod December 03, 2002
The American's favorite word.
"YEEEEHAWWW, ENIS! We gonna go hunt some mahhhhh-beasters with this gun I found!"
by Doctor Gorby May 07, 2007

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