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when an ordinary person, wandering through life, stumbles upon great fortune.
That Jared guy from Subway is worth millions....he's totally gumpin' out.
by pomplemousse October 26, 2011
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1. Verb; Similar to a "Black-Out" state of mind; the victim will look haggard and despondent; usually whilst laying on a comfy couch/comfy area with drool appearing from the corners of the mouth.

2. Adjective; He looks "Gumped Out".
1. After minutes of no text reply from my significant other, I came to the conclusion that he was "Gumpin' Out".

2. After wine, ice-cream, and peanut butter cookies, Chad sat on the couch and appeared to be "Gumped Out".
by LightRailCoyote February 15, 2014

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