i)To sprint, as fast as possible in a straight line towards your goal. Based on the scene in the popular movie, Forrest Gump where he just runs, and runs and runs.

ii) 21st century cockney rhyming slang. Going for a gump, means to go for a dump, or to excrete. Can also be heard as 'going for a Forrest'.
i) Look at that fucker gump. Jesus he's quick
ii) I'm just going upstairs for a quick gump.
by Badgeman November 06, 2006
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(Baltimore and DC slang)

A Weak, Spineless, Soft person
Person # 1: Hey, he let that dude smack him and ain't even say nothing

Person# 2 He such a Gump
by Caliph September 23, 2009
1. A typical Alabama football fan. Usually so delusional that they think Bear Bryant is still alive. They also believe that Nick Satan actually likes the toothless fanbase.
2. Stupid person who likes Paul Fineburn slobbing Saban's knob.
3. Racists fanbase who only supports blacks on their own team.
Those Gumps are harder to tolerate when they are winning than when they are losing.
by GILF Hunter October 17, 2009
one who is slow with their mental processes.
He's gumps. It will take him forever to add together that total
by Mogiee November 08, 2010
Chicago police slang for male prostitutes
I think this gump is sweet on you, she's waving at you!
by The Obnox July 19, 2010
To Gump is to play ping pong such as Forrest Gump did. It's an easier way to ask someone if they want to play ping pong with you, without sounding like a fruit.
"Hey man, you want to Gump"
"I'm not really sure, I'm hammered drunk and won't be able to hit the ball."
by PraiseBathsheba December 29, 2013
fat part under your chin or flabby skin under your arms
With all that excess skin, Grandma has a nice gump.
by Bdawg11 July 03, 2012
To prematurely ejaculate, like Forrest Gump did in the dorm room with Jenny.
"After all that foreplay, I was so riled up that once we started having sex, I totally gumped inside her. I hope she's not pregnant."
by adl July 15, 2012

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