A derogoatory term for an American. (Canadian slang, based on the name of the lead character in the 1994 film Forrest Gump)
I gave this gump some change in dollar coins yesterday and he says "Is this money good in other restaurants?"
by Hon. Joe Clark July 14, 2006
A person who (fucks) up alot
Why the fuck you do that Lee you fucking Gump!
by squeeble July 10, 2008
Sex, straight-forward!
Ex. I'm gonna get me some gump tonight!
by Matt Whited March 31, 2006
a faggot or someone who is just plain whack
"omg! look at those shoes they are mad tight son!"
"dem shoes is whack! UR A GUMP! getta outta here dawg!"
by Halla! June 14, 2007
1.) Someone gigantic and hairy
2.) Someone who spends most of their time alone
3.) Someone who can't get any girls
4.) Someone who tries to act cool even though their not
5.) Someone who watches too much TV
6.) Someone who will be a virgin forever
"Did you see Tyler today...WOW he's such a gump!!"
by L*M*A July 12, 2005
1. A mentally, slow, retated person
2. Someone who runs pretty damn fast
3. Forrest Gump
Man, that dumbshit is a gump
by K-Wo February 11, 2003
Geek, loser, social reject.

Circa 1980, Bay Area, CA
"You kissed HIM?! Ewww... He's such a total GUMP!"
by chic-lit March 25, 2005
When having sex in the doggy-style position, you put your hands on your hips imitating Forrest Gump. The hands on the hips can best be seen when Forrest is standing on his shrimp boat and first sees Lt. Dan.
Guy #1: Man I gumped my girlfriend hard last night.

Guy#2: The old hands on the hips! Way to go!
by Cortezzz January 18, 2007

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