A derogoatory term for an American. (Canadian slang, based on the name of the lead character in the 1994 film Forrest Gump)
I gave this gump some change in dollar coins yesterday and he says "Is this money good in other restaurants?"
by Hon. Joe Clark July 14, 2006
A person that is appearred to be gay.
Look at that gump walkin down the street.
by Monie Love July 07, 2005
A tall person who tells bad jokes and needs speech therapy
Gump-See the gumpsh?
Person-Man, shut up!
by dtk May 17, 2004
someone who's a loner, or by themselves.
man, she's just a gump, don't worry about her.
by kirsten November 27, 2003
A 20 year old virgin, who catches extreme grief from his friends.
Damn Gump are you ever going to score.
by old pro February 04, 2008
a faggot or someone who is just plain whack
"omg! look at those shoes they are mad tight son!"
"dem shoes is whack! UR A GUMP! getta outta here dawg!"
by Halla! June 14, 2007
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