An amazingly sexy girl! Shes is funny, weird, hilarious, likes bbs, and puartoricans, and is gorgeous!<3
Whoever gets her is lucky. SHES ANAMAZING DANCER. and GRINDER! GET WITH THIS. Shes tappable. You hafta meet her and love her. Dont hurt her or you will get beaten or pushed down a never ending hole! She also has a nice booty<3 SHES SEXY AND YOU KNOW IT!(:
Brian: Guess what!
Sam: What!?
Brian: I got a Gummie!
Sam: Dude no shes mine!
Brian: No way, shes my babe. FUDGE OFF.
Sam: No way im going to get her and date her and love her and be a better guy to her, and compliment her, and grind her, and not hurt her. Cause she amazing<3
The End....
by Brummie2354 December 02, 2011
Top Definition
A blowjob performed by a person with no teeth.
That old lady down the block is crazy. I mean, she offered to give me a gummie!
by Lexus70 September 12, 2008
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