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Fake gold, often worn by unknown rappers or other minorities of low means.
Yo, I gots some crazy, silly, GUMBY GOLD
by Eric October 08, 2003
33 12

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A term used to describe any advantage, acquisition or advancement that is the direct result of RUNNING THESE STREETS FOR 10 YEARS.
Stygga it's payday, I gots me some of that fucking gumbygold!
by chambered March 23, 2010
0 2
out of control gold, because gumby is out of control

dude is fucking made of gum come on how in control could he be
yo im gumby ballin with my ice and my gumby gold ya heard meh yea ytcracker is the greatest rapper
by ytcracker March 16, 2005
19 22
anything un-neccessary, or funny
"tom paid $500 more for his wheels than he paid for the car"
"thats crazy gumby gold"
by erin January 20, 2004
4 13