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An amazing city filled with many great people. 2nd largest city in Mississippi, following the capital,Jackson, and a neighboring city, Biloxi. The Mississippi gulf coast is the most culturally diverse region, there are Caucasian, african american, indian, native american, mexicans, gingers(sry for the joke i kid, i don't mean to offend anyone), asians, and many more. It is a city in the bible belt and there is many churches. The mail high school is Gulfport High school. The 2 main middle schools are Bayou View Middle School, and Central middle school and there are many elementary schools, such as anniston avenue elementary school, bayou view elementary school, west elementary school, central elementary school, etc. Mississippi is also known as the hospitality state so when you go to walmart you can hear about peoples life stories, i love that. BBB(beat biloxi bad(biloxi is our main football rival)) And long beach choir is a shouty choir that sucks...they need to learn to blend like gulfport choir does;) but thats impossible...they are mad cuz we beat there scores to at district and probably state festival. :)
Choral judge #1"Did you hear that shouty choir from long beach, i have them a low superior"
Choral judge #2"Same, they almost sound mad because they were shouting at me,i hope gulfport does good"
*gulfport high school choir gets on stage*
*after they sing*
Choral judge #3"OMG BEAUTIFUL*breaks down into tears* i love how they blend"
choral judge 1 and 2"me too*crying*"
all judges"lets take a trip to Gulfport, MS when they have there next concert"

ps:we got a perfect 100 in sightreading
by wtfitslaiannamofo June 02, 2011
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