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the medical condition causing pain in the wrists after playing guitar hero for an extended amount of time
"Man my wrists hurt from my guitarthritis"
"You sure its not from jackin' it?"
by Bojangles Mother April 08, 2008
The painful cramping sensation felt after playing the guitar for an absurdly long time.
Damn, I got guitarthritis...but I can't stop!...Play on! Play on!
by David Hawaii May 28, 2007
Pains in the fingers or wrists resulting from long periods of guitar (Not guitar HERO, that's for pansies who can't play the actual guitar) playing.
Trevor - Wow my wrists hurt...

Megan - What happened?

Trevor - Nothing, just a bad case of Guitarthritis
by AudioEmu August 24, 2008
The severe cramping in your hand which occurs when you have played the game Guitar Hero too long. It can occur while playing and even after a song.
Michael played every single face melter in one sitting and had some serious guitarthritis.
by Andy Hesterman October 24, 2007
The pains one feels in their hands and/or forearm after an intense Guitar Hero session.
Dude, i got the worst case of guitarthritis ever after playing "Through the Fire and Flames" on expert for the tenth time.
by Kurt Ambos February 22, 2008
The painful cramping sensation one gets in his or her fingers from playing Guitar Hero for multiple hours.
Although it took me many times, I finally beat Through The Fire and Flames, but there is no doubt I will be suffering from severe Guitarthritis.
by Awesomeman69 November 01, 2007
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