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A female OR male who is presented in advertisements wearing scant, yet sloven attire, with a Strat or Les Paul strapped around their neck so as to target a specific market demographic with propaganda, but who has no discernible musical talent whatsoever -- only because they're never actually seen or heard playing it.
That rock chick & metal dude on that billboard over there are so awesome!; bet they could out-shred Angus Young, Slash, and Frank Gambale if they were all to play their entire discographies, not respectively, but rather, collectively, in a single sitting, feeding every note into a giant audio mulcher.

You numbskull!, they're 'Guitarts', and are much like children were expected to be in the 1800's: seen, but never heard.
by Snuggle Pot November 19, 2012
This is the common name given to a total whore involved with rock music, or, just guitaring.
Hayley Williams.
"Ugh, that Hayley Williams is such a guiTart"

by Gibsonsrcool August 20, 2010
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